Hilliards Chocolates

Fine Chocolates & Specialty Candies

Since 1924

Our Story

Hilliards Chocolates, one of New England’s
most beloved artisan brands, is a family-run business, now in its fourth generation.

Established by Perley and Jessie Hilliard in
1924 in south suburban Boston, Hilliards continues to reflect its founders’
passion for creating chocolates and candies by hand and for using only top-quality ingredients.

Over the years, as Perley and Jessie grew
their business, they also grew a family, having seven children, each of whom
were involved in the family enterprise that eventually operated stores in 14
locations throughout Greater Boston and in West Hartford, CT. Perley
also invented chocolate tempering machines and enrobers that continue to be
used by chocolate makers today.

In 1950, one of the Hilliard children Alan,
and his wife, Barbara, opened Hilliards Kitch-In-Vue Candy (the candy was made
in full view of customers) in North Easton, MA. Located in a white victorian house with blue
trim distinguished by a signature giant box of assorted chocolates on its
facade, the store became a landmark destination drawing crowds of candy and
chocolate enthusiasts for over 30 years.

In 1981, Alan Hilliards’ daughter Judy and
her husband Charlie bought Hilliards Kitch-In-Vue Candy and eventually renamed
the business Hilliards Chocolates.  Operating out of the flagship North
Easton location and upholding the same traditions of excellence, they went on
to expand the business to include retail outlets in Norwell and Mansfield, a
dedicated 2300 sq. ft. state-of-the-art candy kitchen, and a growing online
shop that draws customers from far and wide and ships nationwide.

Over the years, Hilliards has offered many signature products that
have endured the test of time while keeping an eye on culinary trends and
introducing new recipes that satisfy the most adventurous sweet tooth.

Today Judy’s and Charlie’s daughters, Maegan
and Erin, run the business and continue the legacy that started so long ago.
Under their leadership, Hilliards Chocolates continues to delight customers,
make people smile, and maintain an uncompromising dedication to confection perfection.

Four Generations & Three Locations Later.....