Chocolate Covered Strawberries

We source the largest and juiciest long-stemmed strawberries we can find, dip them in velvety white chocolate before dipping them again in pure milk or dark chocolate and decorating beautifully.  A gift that will impress any receiver! We now offer two ways to purchase strawberries for your convenience.

Preorder your strawberry assortment to be picked up in store between May 11th-12th. Preorder allows you to choose between 6 or 12 strawberries.  Choose between all milk chocolate, dark chocolate or a combination of the two. Toppings are assorted and will vary. 

Strawberries will also be available to purchase in our retail locations between May 11th-12th, while supplies last. Purchasing in stores gives you the option to select any quantity and choose your toppings. 

Strawberries cannot be shipped due to their perishable nature. They are best consumed within 24 hours.  Refrigeration may be helpful. 

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